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Triumph Capital is a Toronto-based firm that has over thirty years of experience providing personalized service and a unique, comprehensive look at the needs of its clients, both for today and the future.

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Investor Services

Triumph Capital specializes in investment analysis, wealth management, retirement, and estate planning. We will provide you with comprehensive solutions for all of your investment planning needs.

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If you are self employed or incorporated, we offer customized Private Health Service Plan and Health Spending Account services designed to help you maximize your savings on health and medical expenses. Lower your tax obligations and provide flexible, affordable, health benefits to yourself and your employees.

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Technology Development

We are dedicated to developing cutting edge financial technology to deliver you better, faster, and more accurate services on demand and in real time. Stay tuned!

Diana Dyer

President and CEO

As the President and CEO of Triumph Capital Limited, Diana brings a depth and understanding of the financial services industry that is rarely seen in the marketplace today. Her passion for helping young professionals make informed decisions about their financial needs has led her to become one of the most successful advisors in her field. Diana holds a Diamond Club award for being listed as one of the top 30 brokers in Canada for more than 5 years and is the youngest broker to have ever received this award. Diana has been active in a number of charities and public outreach programs, most recently Motionball for the Special Olympics and the Canadian Mental Health Association. Diana is known for her discretion and her ability to identify and address the needs of her clients, regardless of their situation. Her skillset allows her to excel and build lasting relationships built on mutual respect and a deeply rooted desire to help others accomplish their financial goals. Diana is the 2015 Notable.ca award winner in Finance

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Noah Drabinsky

Executive Vice-President and COO

Noah has been a financial adviser for over a decade. Throughout this time, he has developed a network of relationships across the financial industry, both in the United States and Canada, that allow him to provide unique advice and opportunities for clients across the economic spectrum. A focus on ethical investing and business practices is something he believes in and shapes the culture of the entire Triumph team. Noah's clients include small to mid-size owner managed businesses, public companies, and professional practices across Ontario. His strategies are known for incorporating creative risk management solutions, along with stable long-term results appropriate throughout a clients entire financial life. Constantly seeking new opportunities for private clients, he can often be found at financial conferences, speaking at corporate events, or at his desk buried under a pile of earnings reports.

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From bitcoin to central bankers, here's how to manage market risk in 2018

From bitcoin to central bankers, here's how to manage market risk in 2018

Is your portfolio ready for 2018? This year promises to bring some great change to world markets. See if you're going to be on the right or wrong side of history. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/12/bitcoin-to-central-banks-managing-market-risk-in-2018-ubs-commentary.html

What's the TFSA limit? Here's the max you can contribute for 2018

What's the TFSA limit? Here's the max you can contribute for 2018


What We Do

Triumph Capital is a Toronto-based financial technology advisory firm that has over thirty years of experience providing individual and group wealth solutions to our clients.

Wealth Management

No matter at what stage of your life you are, whether it be making provision for the future, or making the best use of your assets to provide income in retirement, investment planning is crucially important.

Millennial Investment Planning

By using a customized set of investment vehicles designed specifically for young professionals, Triumph Capital specializes in helping young professionals eliminate debt, set goals and achieve financial success and freedom.

Professional and Corporate Benefits

We understand that different families and individuals have different needs, and have designed your private health care plans to allow you to choose both the type and amount of coverage you want.

Private Health Savings Plan

Under section 20.01 of the Income Tax Act of Canada, the Triumph Capital Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) converts all of your eligible health and dental expenses into a deduction from your gross business income, giving you the opportunity to maximize your tax savings while having the same tax benefits as a large corporation.

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